Monday, August 15, 2011


Whats a party without Games and Toys?

We must keep the small folks entertained, but honestly the bigguns like to play too!
In my rounds today I discovered Jack Straws or Spillikins, which Jane Austen apparently played. Now as a child I did play with Pick-up-sticks, so I was glad to have another game that we could play.

"One evening, Belinda was playing with little Charles Percival at jack straws."
Belinda, Vol 2, By Maria Edgeworth, 1811, Page 208

"After they had learned these, Harry and Lucy refreshed themselve,s by playing a game at Jack straws, or as some call them spillikins."
Early Leasons, by Maria Edgeworth, 1824, page 249

So I looked for a set. Options were:
1. Antique bone, ivory, wood. Not only would that be expencive, but I wouldn't want to let my children play with them.
2. Vintage plastic or wood. some sets were colored, so that wouldn't work!
3. Historical reproductions. more expencive than the antique if hand carved.

In the end I purchased this vintage set. Hey it was cheap! I figured the off white plastic would "pass" as bone or ivory. If it doesn't meet my standards when I get it, I will look at modern  historical reproductions of wood.

I also have 4 bamboo ball and cup toys from Cost Plus World Market. I am hoping to do paper dolls as well.

I do have a plastic Diabolo, but I don't know how to use it! Wooden ones can be found.

We should look into other toys and games as well.

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