Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boys suit inspiration

Commonly called a "skeleton suit" though the earlier French term translates to English as "sailor suit" because of the fact that it has long trousers like sailors wear instead of the breeches that genteel society wore.
My current research theory is that the term "skeleton suit" comes from the 1820's.

Thes are the inspirational images I am looking at as I draft my pattern.

The Sackville Children, by John Hoppner, 1796. Jacket and trousers are different colors. slightly raised waist. The boy is about 3 or 4 years old.

Frederick Seymour and Sir Horace Seymour K.C.H., by Henry Edridge, sold at Christies in 2010

The H├╝lsenbeck children,  by Philipp Otto Runge1805-10. Green with short sleeves, high waist
 Sketch version is dated 1805-6

The Woolsey Family, by William Berczy, 1809 both boys in green, natural waist

Also take a look at WikiCommons for more

Original Garments

Museum of London has an example that is earlier than what I am looking at.

Tidens Toj late 18th century

Tidens Toj 1800

suit sold at Christies in 1999

Metropolitan Museum 1983.3.1a, b red and white strip cotton c.1820

Monday, October 17, 2011

Some thoughts on shoes

A very good post on American Duchess about regency shoes and how modern ones are not right. AD is in the process of having reproductions made, but they will not be available in time for my party.

I know I have posted some surviving examples before, but here are some details from Fashion plates of Ladies footwear.

February 1800 Journal des Luxus der Moden (German) 


 June 1809 Journal des Luxus der Moden

January 1811 Journal des Luxus der Moden

Sometimes the shoes match the dress, like in this Costume Parisien plate from 1808

Other times they match the bonnet like in this English copy of Costume Parisien from 1808

They came in patterns as well as plain, as we can see in this plate, another English copy of Costume Parisien from 1808

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Childs Dress Mock-up

Remember this post about the inspiration for the project?
Well I have finished the mock up (well mostly finished)
I decided to go for something different from the currently available patterns and went with the smooth front styles.
It was drafted to a size 3 and is tested on my son who is 3 and a half, wearing 3T.
I am not quite happy with the sleeves, so more pattern alterations are needed, but as is it is quite servicable.
This was made in 100% cotton, machine sewn with cotton thread, ties at front neck, back neck and waist are 1/4" cotton tapes from Wm Booth.
The skirt is long, it was designed with tucks in mind but I wanted to see what it looked like without. (okay I was lazy and didn't want to put them in)
This is sewn in a very modern and costumy way. I knew that when I made it the ties are tubes instead of singl layer hemmed.
 The sleeves are sewn to the same band, which is not quite correct.
Yes it was late when I took these pictures!