Monday, April 25, 2011

Going through the stash!

like most who sew, whether it is craft, quilt, garment or costume, I have a stash!
This weekend I went through it  looking for suitable fabrics for the upcomong party! We have just over 6 months, so I best get sewing!

I have several that would be suitable for small children
I have 1 3/4 yards of The Merrimack Collection by Judie Rothermel  for the New England Quilt Museum by Marcus Fabrics

This is pattern # 21956-5
I have 1-3 yards (yeah vague)

Blue Print picked up at local JoAnn Fabrics
I bought 3 or 4 yards
Maybe it would work better for Dickens?

Blue Stripe purchased at JoAnns
About 4 yards
The husband thought it might look good as an adult dress, so I draped it up, I think it works better for a child.

Now for Adult pieces!
Pattern # 27849-3 (I also have # 27857-3 somewhere, but I didn't find it, print size is suitable for a child's gown)

On the left is 4927, on the right is4926

Last is a cotton voil saree/sari i picked up for $10 there is about 4 yards there. I would have to reattach the border to the hem if i used it as an adult regency. I also have a green version of this. For these photos, the fabric has been washed, but not ironed.
 Another option is to use it as a girl's summer dress for the crinoline era (mid 19th century)
 Baby hand and Mama hand showing sheerness of fabric

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  1. I love all of your fabrics ! For children, my preference goes tot he striped ones (first and last), and for adult to the red one. But that's just personal taste :)