Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to the Library you shall go

Did you find any of the books I listed in the last book post?

See anything you liked?

Here is a list of more books to find

Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion is a very new book, you would be lucky to find it in your local library. You might be better off looking in book stores. I see that Powell's in Portland carries it in their online catalog. My copy arrived this past weekend (what an Easter gift!) and I do think it is a valuable resource for those with an interest in Regency era costumes. You can see some of the costumes here. I will tell you that there is a topless photo of a modern porn star in the book. I don't think it fits, but the photographer evidently did.

The Age of Napoleon: Costume from Revolution to Empire, 1789-1815  is another good book on Regency era costume. You are more likely to find this in a well stocked library. As you can see from the Amazon link, it can be rather expencive to purchase.

Jean Hunnisett authored several books on Women's costume with patterns. These are found in many libraries, so you shouldn't have a hard time tracking them down. For those interested in the 18th century, you will want the 1500-1800 book, for those interested in Regency, you want the 1800-1909 book, There are also two books covering outer garments If you have the time, after all it will be November! Cloaks, Capes, Stoles and Wadded Mantles is the first book, the second is Dominos, Dolmans, Coats, Pelisses, Spencers, Calashes, Hoods & Bonnets

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