Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fashion Plates for inspiration

Just like today's Magazine stands are a source of Fashion Inspiration, so were the days of yore.

If you need some inspiration, or just want to kill some time, here are some resources!

You can find an enormous number of the 'Costumes Parisien' prints in the Maciet collection of the Musee Les Arts Decoratifs
  • first select "consultation du catalogue". on the left
  • the click "recherche simple"
  • enter "Mode" under "Terms de recherche"
  • Check "Album Maciet"
  • Click "Rechercher"!
This will take you to the  list. To select one of the albums, click the blue number  the click "Voir les vignettes Maciet"
Click on the page you want to view, it will open in a new window (at least in Firefox)

Another place to look is the Bunka Gakuen Library
You may want to search by publication date.

Also check out the University of Washington's Fashion Plate Collection

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