Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Childs Dress Mock-up

Remember this post about the inspiration for the project?
Well I have finished the mock up (well mostly finished)
I decided to go for something different from the currently available patterns and went with the smooth front styles.
It was drafted to a size 3 and is tested on my son who is 3 and a half, wearing 3T.
I am not quite happy with the sleeves, so more pattern alterations are needed, but as is it is quite servicable.
This was made in 100% cotton, machine sewn with cotton thread, ties at front neck, back neck and waist are 1/4" cotton tapes from Wm Booth.
The skirt is long, it was designed with tucks in mind but I wanted to see what it looked like without. (okay I was lazy and didn't want to put them in)
This is sewn in a very modern and costumy way. I knew that when I made it the ties are tubes instead of singl layer hemmed.
 The sleeves are sewn to the same band, which is not quite correct.
Yes it was late when I took these pictures!

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