Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boys suit inspiration

Commonly called a "skeleton suit" though the earlier French term translates to English as "sailor suit" because of the fact that it has long trousers like sailors wear instead of the breeches that genteel society wore.
My current research theory is that the term "skeleton suit" comes from the 1820's.

Thes are the inspirational images I am looking at as I draft my pattern.

The Sackville Children, by John Hoppner, 1796. Jacket and trousers are different colors. slightly raised waist. The boy is about 3 or 4 years old.

Frederick Seymour and Sir Horace Seymour K.C.H., by Henry Edridge, sold at Christies in 2010

The H├╝lsenbeck children,  by Philipp Otto Runge1805-10. Green with short sleeves, high waist
 Sketch version is dated 1805-6

The Woolsey Family, by William Berczy, 1809 both boys in green, natural waist

Also take a look at WikiCommons for more

Original Garments

Museum of London has an example that is earlier than what I am looking at.

Tidens Toj late 18th century

Tidens Toj 1800

suit sold at Christies in 1999

Metropolitan Museum 1983.3.1a, b red and white strip cotton c.1820

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